Sativa. Indica. Hybrid. Strains. You hear these cannabis-related terms all the time. But what do they actually mean?

What is Cannabis?

Before we get into what a cannabis strain is, let’s start with the basics of cannabis. What is cannabis? It’s a group of plants with properties that cause psychoactive and therapeutic effects. Cannabis originated in central Asia and the Middle East and is now grown worldwide.

Cannabis leaves with cannabis spelled out in scrabble letters

Cannabis Species

Cannabis grows primarily in three species types—Indica, Sativa, and the rarer species, Ruderlais. Hybrid—the cross-breeding of the pure species varieties, either by people or in nature—is another broad category of cannabis.

Cannabis plants

Cannabis Strains

A strain is another way to categorize marijuana by different characteristics like the smell, look, feel, effects on mood, or the cannabinoid or terpene profiles. Strains exist within the three species—IndicaSativa, and Ruderlais. Cannabis strains also exist as hybrid varieties, which occur when the pure cannabis species are cross-bred either by people or in nature. Each species, including hybrids, have hundreds if not thousands of strains. 

Breeders tend to give unique, memorable names that describe a distinct feature of the strain and to help differentiate them from their competitors.

For example, the strain, Bruce Banner, was named after the comic character’s human version of the Hulk because of its very powerful THC content. Wedding Cake, another popular strain, got its name because of its sweet, dough-like flavour. This strain coats your mouth and leaves an after-taste like a slice of vanilla cake.

Another popular strain is Kush Mints, which we sell at our shop. It’s a hybrid that’s evenly balanced between Indica and Sativa. It has a strong minty flavour with a touch of coffee. This strain has a calming effect and may be good for chronic fatigue, depression, and pain.

Each strain has its own unique characteristics. If you’re not sure what to choose, you can reach out to us or come to our shop and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members. +1.226.568.2711; comforttreehealing@gmail.com

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